Tuesday, December 29, 2015

State: Fire Board failed to properly account for over $100K in enforcement penalties.

After reporting on a $150,000 settlement in Dwayne Breeden's whistleblower and discrimination lawsuit against Neptune Township (Monmouth County) Fire District No. 1, I decided to request a Division of Fire Safety report that, according to Breeden, found a number of "regulatory violations" and "financial and budgetary irregularities" in the Fire District.  I've placed the Division's October 28, 2013 "Field Monitoring Visit" on-line.

The report essentially backs up Breeden's lawsuit's claims.  While it lists a number of regulatory paperwork violations, the report most notably points out that the Neptune Board failed to properly account for $101,900.35 it received in enforcement penalties.  The report also found that Breeden was placed in the position of "Temporary Fire Official" for longer than permitted.