Saturday, May 30, 2015

EMS chief criminally charged with theft, internally charged with drugs and porn.

By way of an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request, I obtained a copy of a December 2014 civil complaint filed by an Emergency Medical Services Chief against the Plumsted Township (Ocean County) Board of Fire Commissioners and a January 22, 2015 court order that resolved the complaint.

In the complaint, EMS Chief David P. Rogers, Jr. sought an injunction to prevent the Fire District from proceeding with internal disciplinary charges against him for "illegal drug activity and illicit pornographic activity" until after theft charges filed against him by the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office were resolved.  According to a February 23, 2015 letter from the the State Office of Emergency Services, Rogers "allegedly submitted duplicate receipts for expenditures . . . in order to receive double reimbursement from the Township."  The amount of Rogers' alleged theft was $628.76.  The complaint and order are on-line here and the state's letter is on-line here.

In his January 22, 2015 order, Superior Court Judge Craig L. Wellerson dismissed Rogers' complaint and permitted the Fire District to resume its disciplinary charges.  Judge Wellerson specifically allowed the District, at the disciplinary hearing, to "introduce photographs and videos of children obtained from [Rogers'] work computer and work cell phone SIM card or SD card as evidence."